The Obligatory Oscar Post.

As I type right now I’m sitting in the lobby of a beautiful hotel in Berkeley, California, and I can see the rollicking waters of the bay lapping playfully against the boats in the marina. I’m also drinking a Peet’s Coffee Raspberry Mocha, which has a startlingly refreshing flavor. Now that you know all of these useless facts about my life, and what I’m doing (it’s like i’m asking for stalkers, only i’m not, really…please don’t stalk me) on to the fun of today.

Since Hugo cleaned up at the Oscars’ I figured I would do a quick tribute to the often horrifying genre of books that have been adapted to screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies, but sometimes, actually most of the time, the written word should stay as it’s written, and not be bogged down by visuals.

First up: The Golden Compass
I know I know, I already talked about Phillip Pullman this week, but one of the first examples of a absolutely shitty  reincarnation of a book is The Golden Compass. Don’t get me wrong, not everything about that film was horrifying, the special effects they used to create the Daemons, the Fighting Bears, and even the Steampunk London that Pullman had penned so eloquently were, brilliant. It was everything else about that movie that I (and the general public) despised. Here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen the movie, well go for it. It’s just not very good. but it’s always fun to watch and see how other people see things that you’ve read.
Golden Compass Trailer

Then there’s one I actually ADORE: Children of Men
The original  novel by P.D. James paints an amazing portrait of a fictional future in which the human racecannot bear children, and though the movie does the same, it really is just an adaptation. There are bits that are so far from the orignal storyline that it renders the movie unrecognizable from the novel it was derived from. However the movie can stand on it’s own as a separate interpretation of P.D. James original idea. I’m actually in love with this movie, and I’ve seen about a dozen or more times.
Children of Men Trailer


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