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October 24, 2015

Dead Ringer

I’ve spent the last 3 years, doing a lot of stuff. I graduated Undergrad and Grad school, and now I’m wandering around free as a bird, trying to get a job. So of course I’ve returned to my one true love; Books. Starting this wonderful return to the reading, and this blog. I’d love to talk about Dead Ringer. I picked up the ARC on Netgalley in hopes that it would be a spooky addition to my Halloween reading.

And it was. The story’s premise is that a young girl transfers into a new school, and promptly finds out that she looks like another young girl, who committed suicide nearly two years earlier. There’s the big mystery. The book leads you down a number of rabbit holes surrounding the dead girl -Sarah Castro-Tanner- and her death.

To do that, Rosen introduced a fantastic cast of flawed characters, the most notable being Laura, Charlie, and Lexi. Laura’s the new girl who looks like Sarah Castro-Tanner’s tan bohemian twin. Rosen puts us straight into her head. She’s innocent, sweet, and of course attracted to the first cute boy put in her path. Charlie. Her first chapters record her struggle, should I like him, do I like him, blah blah blah. Honestly, she takes a minute to get interesting.

Charlie however, is fun from the jump. The way he’s written he’s automatically guarded. You can just tell that he’s hiding something, even though we don’t know what it is. Like most high school boys, he’s repressing. But what, we don’t know.

Finally there’s Lexi, a hacker with a mission. She knows there’s something wrong with Sarah Castro-Tanner’s supposed suicide, and she won’t stop until she’s figured out what it is.

This story is interesting. It caught my attention pretty quickly, and I had to stop myself from reading it at one point because I was supposed to be at work. You get caught up in the idea that these kids are at the center of a web of lies. It’s sort of Pretty Little Liars-esque in that sense. And for a while, you can’t help but feel like there’s some mystery person is pulling the strings. What I will say, is that the twist is pretty good. There’s a cliffhanger what may leave you, angry, confused, and ready to pull your hair out ready for a new book

While the story is good. I won’t deny that it has it’s flaws. Laura while being sweet and innocent, is a little bit boring and, Lexi’s single minded mission gets repetitive. But if you can get past that, and really get into the meat of the story. Charlie’s secrets bring it all home.

Dead Ringer is coming out on November 11th.

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