I’m Morgan Mack, a 20 year old College Junior/Senior going for my Undergraduate Degree in English, with a Minor in Marketing. I have daily daydreams about going into Publishing, and I spend some time here at school writing. I also do the occasional homework assignment, and drink enough coffee to keep a building full of Wall Street Workers functioning for a month in one day.

I’m a big reader, and I refuse to believe those studies that say College will make me hate reading. Even if I do hate reading most of my textbooks, fiction novels bring me all sorts of joy, they always have, and they always will. That’s really all you need to know about me right now though, and I’m sure you’ll learn a bit more about me if you read about why I like to read things. Hope you all enjoy the material!

I also have a few other blogs over on tumblr.

and Here’s my Goodreads Account if you want to see what else I’m reading!


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