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April 17, 2012

Comic Book Shenanigans

This past weekend I spent in my favorite city in the states (NYC) and I got to go to some of my favorite comic stores (Midtown comics, Forbidden Planet etc). As a result, i decided to do some nerding up, and do this lovely post about comic books. Whether you’re like me and enjoy the occasional comic, but are super lazy and don’t go out and buy them. Or you’re a new comic book reader, here are some sweet comics to check out!

The Scoobies are back and better than ever in the comic continuation of the series. If you were a Buffy fan (and in my opinion everyone should be) you will love having the characters back.

Skip Beat is one of my favorite comics, even though it’s not technically a comic, it’s a manga. The story follows Kyoko Mogami, a 16 year old girl who decides to follow her dream of getting revenge against her childhood love Sho Fuwa. Naturally since he’s a pop star, she auditions for a rival company. The story follows her through her journey to revenge, it’s light hearted and funny, and totally worth a read. It’s also been made into a hilarious anime series (same name) that you can typically stream on

Read anything by this man; Frank Miller. He’s not literally a comic, but he has written some of my favorite comic books of all time: Sin City, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil. So check him out!

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