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March 13, 2012

Demi-Monde: Spring

Just to clarify for new readers, this is a review of the SECOND book in the Demi-Monde Series. The first book (Demi-Monde: Winter) was released in the USA on January 3rd I believe, and this one released a few days later in the UK, but it has not yet been released in the States.

The Shadows grow ever darker across the Demi-Monde. And as the soldiers of Heydrich’sForthRight goose-step into Paris and the long-forgotten evil that is Lilith is awoken, it falls to Norma Williams to lead the resistance. Lost in the virtual nightmare that is the Demi-Monde, she must come to terms with these terrible responsibilities and with the knowledge that those she thought were her friends are now her enemies. To triumph in this surreal cyber-world she must be more than she ever believed she could be…or perish.

When I finished DM: Spring I decided that I needed some time to mull over it instead of immediately writing a gushing post about how the book made the think and feel, etc. This book was very different f

rom it’s predecessor, but that doesn’t mean I disliked it, nor was it bad. Through the course of the book Rees showed the same attention to historical detail that first attracted me to his first novel, but this time instead of having a pseudo-supernatural twist there was a distinct change in the trend of the novel. The first was filled with both personal and political struggle, and in that the second book fell a bit short. However this book featured a masterful blending of science-fiction and fantasy by incorporating tales of Lilith and the Grigori as central plot-points.
Thinking back, I really did enjoy the book, and look forward to the next one in the series, if not just to find out a few key details about some lingering questions I had during this one. Sadly characters like Vanka Maykov, whose russian accent I spent trying to imitate (much to the amusement of my friends and roommates) was not as present in this book. That was highly disappointing for me, since I fangirled all over the place while Ella got to know him during the first novel. In addition, as you can see from the amazon blurb above, Ella Thomas is not a focus of the novel. Norma is. Yes, whiny little no-backbone Norma. Who I hate(d). It’s really not as bad as at seems, especially since theres a lovely french broad named Odette who also garners a lot of focus.

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